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Why coffee is good for you (and when it’s not)

To coincide with the launch of our first coffee smoothie, limited edition mochas, we explore the pros and cons of our morning caffeine fix.

How food can boost your mood

Finding ways to cope with stress and anxiety is an urgent priority for many of us. To mark Mental Health Awareness Month, we’re diving into the myriad ways food and nutrition can play a role in keeping you balanced.

Sports nutrition: choosing foods for active bodies

We all know that staying active has massive health benefits. But what’s the best way to nourish your body while you exercise? Our Head of Nutrition, Mallory Gonzales RD, has some advice for you.

Five incredible facts about your gut

Looking for cute conversation starters for a first date? Don’t come to us - we’ll just give you weird and wonderful facts about the human digestive system.

Fiber is back in fashion

Gut health supplements may be big business, but what your microbiome craves most of all is good, old-fashioned fiber. It's time to give it the attention it deserves.

How to read scientific research – and understand it

Want to dig deeper into the science behind nutrition and health? With these five simple tools, you’ll be able to navigate the most daunting research reports with ease.

Can shelf-stable fruits and vegetables compete with fresh?

If your access to fresh fruits and veggies has been reduced recently, don’t sweat it. There’s enough to worry about without adding fresh veggie FOMO to the list - and you can easily round out your nutritional needs with shelf-stable alternatives.

What can a registered dietitian do for me?

The team behind kencko’s Nutrition Program answers some common questions about getting professional help with healthy eating.

Five nutrition tips for a healthy immune system

How much do you know about your immune system? Our resident RDs have some simple, evidence-based nutrition advice to help you keep it fighting fit.

Eat Your Way To Healthy Skin

Want healthy-looking skin? The answer may be on your plate! Here’s how fruits and veggies keep skin glowing by nourishing it from within.

What to eat for better mental health

Feeling the winter blues? It might be time to eat yourself happy! Five reasons why fruits and veggies are good mood foods.

3 ways fruits and veggies will save your holidays

Are you bracing yourself for emotional overload and dietary disaster? Nutritionist Mallory Gonzales (MS, RD) shares her tips for a happy, healthy holiday season.