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Our strawberry smoothies are always in season

Meet the farmers: introducing Marcin and Renata, who grow the juicy berries that go into kencko smoothies.

Marcin and Renata Fujarowicz know a thing or two about berries. Their farm takes in 40 acres of rolling fields in the sunny south-eastern region of Poland, at the foot of the Carpathian mountains. Marcin and Renata both have farming in their blood, and they’re already passing on the knowledge to their three children (and one more on the way!).


“Organic farming is a way of life for us. I grew up on this farm, and when my parents retired, we took over,” Marcin told us. Their farm has been certified organic for ten years, and they grow a variety of soft fruits: strawberries, raspberries, blackcurrants, redcurrants, and rhubarb. The majority of the berries used in kencko’s smoothies are ripened here on Renata and Marcin’s farm. “We look after each plantation, each plant and use only organic and natural preparations to make them healthy and guarantee good yield.”



Their farm is in Podkarpacie, a beautiful region of Central Europe with large tracts of unspoilt forest land where bears, lynx and bison make their homes. Most of the agricultural land in these parts is still made up of small family farms like the Fujarowicz’s, using traditional methods that make for close communities. “All we do on the farm, we do with a passion. From the beginning of the season to the end, I am on the farm every day checking the condition of the plants and fruit. We employ local people to help us during the season. We all support each other.”




Harvesting and transporting soft fruits like strawberries is a tricky business. The fruits are very fragile - easily bruised, and quick to decay - so there’s a high percentage of waste in transit and on retail shelves. And although modern agricultural technologies have extended the growing season so that US strawberries are available practically year-round, nothing beats the taste of naturally ripened summer berries. 


The berries we buy from farmers like Renata and Marcin are picked outdoors at the peak of ripeness, then flash-frozen and slow-dried. It’s the best method available for extending the shelf life of produce without compromising on taste or nutrition: all the essential nutrients, aroma and taste of the sun-ripened berries are locked in for up to 12 months. The dried berries are also up to 10 times lighter than fresh, more compact, and impervious to bruising - so they’re really easy to transport. That means less food waste, and less energy expended on out-of-season growing, refrigeration and transport. Just rehydrate one of our instant smoothies to wake up all the goodness of summer strawberries - in December!


Red and purple berries get their vibrant colors from lycopene and anthocyanin: two powerful antioxidants that protect our cells from damage and can help reduce the risk of cancer, stroke and heart disease.

Find Renata and Marcin’s heart-healthy berries in kencko’s crimsons, golds, purples, reds and rubies instant smoothies.