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No more guilt trips: shipping is now carbon-neutral

A quick update from kencko HQ: as of August 2020, our smoothies now come with carbon neutral shipping. Read on to find out more.

We believe the smoothies that help protect your health should also help protect the environment. Reducing our company’s impact on the planet is a priority for kencko, and we’ll never be done with trying to do better. Last year’s big milestone was the elimination of single-use plastics in our smoothies; this year we turned our attention to our shipping footprint.

We are excited to announce that, with the help of our partners at DHL, kencko now monitors, measures and offsets all the emissions from shipping our smoothies to you. That means that every time you order a kencko box, we invest in certified climate protection and carbon management projects that neutralize the impact of its journey to your door. 

How it works

Every freight journey - whether by road, rail, sea, or air - creates greenhouse gas emissions. Our shipping partner, DHL, has a verified process for calculating these emissions, based on package weight and distance travelled. Measuring our carbon footprint in this way allows us to offset it by investing in projects that have been shown to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide equivalents in the atmosphere. For example, our carbon offset partner’s past initiatives have included reforestation efforts in Uganda and Panama, alternative irrigation methods in India, and distribution of efficient cooking stoves in Lesotho.

The great thing about climate protection projects like these is that they don’t just reduce greenhouse gas emissions - they also bring economic and social benefits to local people. And they are independently audited to ensure they meet international standards for emission reductions.

Carbon-neutral shipping for all kencko deliveries in the US came into force on 10th August 2020. This hasn’t changed our shipping speeds, and we’re not raising prices either - shipping to most addresses worldwide is still included. So please enjoy your next smoothie delivery guilt-free, on us!