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Introducing golds, jades and scarlets

Meet the new crop of kencko smoothies, fresh for fall 2019: three functional flavors that target specific health goals and make a real difference to your day.

For the last few months, our nutritionist Mallory and development chef Mark have been nurturing some very special new instant smoothie mixes. Supercharged with superfoods, these three powerhouse flavors are packed with plant-sourced nutrients. Each one supports a different health goal: there’s golds for recovery, scarlets for invigoration and jades for mental focus. Read on to find out how each flavor works to help keep you in top condition.

Like all our smoothies, each serving is organic and vegan and delivers two of your five-a-day - that’s the same nutritional benefits as two cups of fresh fruits and vegetables. 

The new flavors aren’t the only fresh thing we’ve been working on. We’re happy to announce that from now on, kencko members can use their online dashboard to pick a new set of flavors whenever they want. Go to now to add some superpowered smoothies to your next box.






Protein for recovery/muscle & tissue building

Polyphenols for gut support

B vits for energy

Our first protein-enriched smoothie, golds contains precious plant nutrients that help muscles recover and rebuild. Cacao, banana and dates make it smooth, soothing and a little bit more filling. When shaken up with your milk of choice - we love coconut or almond - it hits the perfect protein:carb ratio for post-workout recovery. And looking ahead to fall, it’s also the first of our smoothies that’s designed to be served either cold or hot.

Nutrition-wise, it’s rich with plant proteins from pea and hemp, plus soluble and insoluble fiber - a real boon for your gut, says Mallory. “Cacao - the pure plant form of chocolate - is incredibly beneficial, which is great news for all us chocoholics. It’s rich in antioxidant compounds called flavonoids, and studies show it may work to regulate blood pressure.”

Our development chef Mark had a eureka moment when he was testing recipes for golds. “Creamy bananas, dark chocolate notes from pure cacao and a lovely caramel sweetness from dates: it took me right back to my childhood, and I realised I just made a plant-based ice-cream sundae! Pure comfort, with none of the artificial sugar rush.”







Omega 3s for heart + skin

L-theanine for brain support

Probiotics for gut health

We know we’re not alone in worrying about our caffeine intake. That extra shot seems like such a great idea at the time, but then you’re left with the coffee jitters all morning. So we set out to make a drink that could induce a calm, alert and focused state - without putting you into overdrive.

Matcha is a Japanese form of green tea that is particularly rich in L-theanine. This compound has been proven to support brain function by binding cell receptors in the brain, resulting in a calming effect without drowsiness - and balancing out matcha’s natural caffeine content. In other words, it’s caffeine without the brain-fry. We also added two more super nutrients: spirulina, which is the only plant food source that contains all nine amino acids vital for functions such as protein synthesis, tissue repair and nutrient absorption; and kombucha, a fermented form of tea that benefits your gut bacteria.

Flavor-wise, it’s probably our most refreshing smoothie yet, with the zing of lime and the clean, green tea flavor of matcha over a fruity base. It’s best served very cold, says Mark. “For every day, just shake it up with iced water. If you’re feeling fancy, blend it with ice and a dash of agave syrup; finish with a squeeze of lime and a sprig of mint or basil and you’ve got a thirst-quenching cooler perfect for weekend brunch.”







Free-radical-fighting lycopene

Capsaicin for energy

Probiotics for gut health

Here at kencko we love a spicy tomato juice (with or without vodka!). Here comes our instant version, packed with active plant ingredients to rev up your metabolism and repair your cells. Cayenne pepper contains capsaicin, which can help support weight management; while ripe red tomatoes are a great source of antioxidants - nutritional fire-fighters to quench the free radicals that age your skin.

Mallory says, “I love to highlight tomatoes because they contain lycopene. Lycopene is an antioxidant, and it’s what gives tomatoes their red color. Like other antioxidants lycopene works to fight free radicals; it may even reduce the risk of cancer and promote heart health. One thing that sets lycopene apart from other antioxidants is that research suggests that it may even protect your skin from UV damage.” 

According to Mark, “We kept the flavor profile close to a classic Virgin Mary, with a huge burst of fresh tomato and a gentle kick from the cayenne pepper. Serve ice cold with a celery stick - and maybe a dash of hot sauce if you like it extra spicy.”

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