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Introducing a new member service: free nutritional advice

Announcing our exciting new nutrition service: free, one-to-one advice & support for all kencko members. Here’s what you need to know.


We all got the memo: fruits and veggies are good for us. Nevertheless, that planned lunchtime salad somehow gets replaced by a meatball sub, and that breakfast smoothie is edged out by a choc chip muffin, on the run. The truth is, for most of us there’s a gap between what we know is good for us, and our actual day-to-day habits. An in-between zone where our good intentions kind of...get lost. 


A nutritionist can help to bridge that gap, by offering practical strategies to help you make those healthy food choices - within the constraints of your busy lifestyle. Whether you’re looking to maintain a healthy weight, transition to a more plant-based diet, prepare for parenthood or get in shape for a marathon: having a sympathetic professional on-call makes all the difference.


So check this out: every person with a live kencko subscription is now also entitled to free nutritional consultations. Never automated or scripted, this is real, down-to-earth, supportive advice from a registered dietitian. We’ve been trialing the service for the last few months with a small group of members, and now we’re ready and super-excited to roll it out to all of you. 


Here’s what our trial group members are saying about the new service:


"Nutrition services along with my smoothies subscription from kencko have been super-helpful to me in losing a few pounds of weight and getting in the right shape. Mallory laid down a balanced diet plan for me and gave me advice on what to eat and how to eat. Every discussion with her is a boost in achieving my goal weight."
"As someone who has always struggled with weight and body image issues, it's wonderful feeling like I have someone who's by my side and supporting me; I always feel comfortable talking to Mallory and appreciate how reachable and responsive she is."


Read to the end of this article to find out how you can get in touch and start accessing the support you need to take your nutrition game to the next level.




  1. We’re crazy about fruits and veggies.
    Totally bananas, in fact. (Seriously - our friends and families are starting to worry.) We know that eating more plant foods is one of the single biggest predictors of a longer, healthier life - study after study supports this link. Anything we can do to spread the word and help people eat more plants, we’ll do it.

  2. We know it’s hard to get your five-a-day.
    That’s why we started our company in the first place: to provide a fast, convenient way to get organic fruits and vegetables when you need them. But buying a product is not the whole story - far from it. Our nutritional consultants are here to help you figure out how to factor fruits and veggies into a healthy, balanced diet that fits your lifestyle.

  3. New habits are easier to stick to with a friend in your corner.
    We know that small changes can make a big difference, but old eating patterns are hard to break. Whether it’s cutting down on caffeine, cooking more meals from scratch, or getting a minimum of five servings of fruits and veggies each day, you’re more likely to succeed with a supportive friend to cheer you on. That’s us.

  4. Not everyone understands our products yet.
    Is it a supplement? A juice? A meal replacement? We get a lot of questions about our smoothies, and we know we have a way to go before everyone understands where kencko fits into a healthy, balanced diet. That’s why we want each of our customers to have the opportunity to consult with a dietitian, so you can be confident you are using kencko in the best way for you.

  5. Talking to you helps us make our products better.
    Maybe you’re training for a marathon. Maybe you’re concerned about your kids’ vitamin intake. Maybe you’re living with a health condition. Maybe you’re just way, way too busy. We want to understand your needs better, so we can deliver your future fruit and veggie top-ups just the way you need them. Every conversation helps us to provide a better service.


Want to chat? Whatever your question, we’re here to help. All members will receive an email from our Head of Nutrition, Mallory Gonzales, explaining how to access the service. If you just can’t wait, email us now: